Village Hall Works

2020 Renovations

It has been nearly 20 years since any significant improvements have been made to our Village Hall and in that time it has been well used by many people for both private and public functions as well as regular events such as Brownies and Scouts and the Village Cinema. The Parish Council are taking advantage of the Mayflower 2020 celebrations to raise funds to modernise the hall in several areas as well as improving the village environment. Already, courtesy of the Community Cinema and Show committee, we have been able to replace the projector, screen and disc player enabling us to show 4K Blu-Ray HD films on a 3.5m screen. The major changes we intend to make to the hall involve the kitchen, storage and toilet facilities.

To ensure project is completed in a timely fashion we have decided to split the work into two phases, first adding an extension for new toilets and then re-jigging the interior to provide a larger, better equipped kitchen and an enlarged storage area. The plan below shows what is proposed. Scrooby Village Hall 2020 Proposed Works

Phase 1: 2020

A purpose built pre-fabricated building will be put on the southern end of the village hall with all the necessary amenities for 3 toilets, 1 with disabled and baby changing facilities. Access will be from the outside via a numerical keylock number available to visitors to Scrooby and for local functions not requiring the hall. The existing toilets will still be available with access through the foyer to the hall. The estimate of cost for this is 25,000.00. As you will see below, significant funds have already been promised and we hope to start work next month.

Phase 2: 2021

This is internal renovation of the foyer, toilets, kitchen and storage cupboard to provide for a larger, better equipped kitchen, a larger storage room and access through to the new toilets. The current toilets will be removed to provide space for this. When not in use the hall, kitchen and storage room will be closed off from the toilets for security. The estimate for this is between 10-15,000.00. Certain funds have been given specifically for the internal alterations and these will be supplemented by monies not used in Phase 1 and from additional fund raising.


Funding such an enterprise is always problematic but we have been active in procuring grants from a number of sources and the situation today (16.2.2020) is:

For Phase 1: target 25,000.00

Nottingham County Council have awarded us a LIS Grant of 10,000.00 dependent on match funding by Scrooby PC. We have so far been able to allocate funds to a total of 10,515.00 thus achieving our match fund target. However, we still require about 4,500 to complete Phase 1. Funds have come from Parish reserves, profits from previous events and crowd funding.

For Phase 2: target 15,000.00

So far, we have 1,500.00 from Tesco and The Rotary Club specifically for internal improvements.

Further potential funding sources: Heritage Lottery Awards for all, Bassetlaw District Council, Local Businesses, Village Hall Bar Nights, Gofundme

Proposed schedule for work

Phase 1

  • April 2020. Carry out necessary tree pruning
  • May 2020. Break ground for foundations
  • June 2020 Erect extension and fit out
  • July 2020 Official opening of Extension Block

Phase 2 will be completed when the remaining funds are available.