Gravestones in Scrooby Churchyard

Graham Robbins

The Graveyard of St Wilfrids
Church Scrooby.

St Wilfrid's church yard, Scrooby, Nottinghamshire holds gravestones dating from the Eighteenth Century to the present.

From time to time, beginning in January 2009, I'll add some of the dedications on the gravestones to this page. Please be patient, it may take some time to make the record complete!

The War Memorial in the
Graveyard of St Wilfrids
Church Scrooby.

War Memorial

The war memorial commemorates the 1914-19 war. There is no memorial to the Second War.

  • Driver Sidney Burton
  • Pte Ernest Fennell
  • Pte Alfred Stones
  • Pte Harry Paulson
  • Pte Frederick Ogley
  • Pte George Foster

Note: There is an Ogley household at number 15 on the 1901 Scrooby census return consisting of:

  • Matthew Ogley, head of household, married, age 55, gardener - labourer worker, born Clayworth
  • Martha Ogley, wife, married, age 53, born Scotter, Lincs
  • Reuben Henry Ogley, son, single, age 15, gardener - labourer worker, born Scrooby
  • Frederick Ogley, son, single, age 10, born Scrooby

The Graveyard of St Wilfrids
Church Scrooby.


Each gravestone is given a number here. Names listed under the same number are from the same gravestone, even where there is a variety of surnames. Only the name, date of death, age and place of death and birth, place of residence, etc have been noted; not biblical quotes or memoria. One day I'll draw a plan to show which gravestone is where.

No Name Died Other Detail
1 William Cobb 19 Nov 1888 Died age 80.
Ann Cobb 8 Dec 1895 Wife of William Cobb. Died age 86.
2 Cella 10 Sep 1828 Daughter of Thomas & Mary Barthorp. Died age 38.
Mary 7 Jun 1836 Wife of John Richardson. Died age 71.
John Richardson 8 Feb 1842
3 James Holmes 21 Jul 1826 Died age 76.
NoteThere is a Holmes houshold on the 1674 Scrooby hearth tax return.
Mary Holmes 5 May 1833 Wife of James Holmes. Died age 74.
4 Thomas Garves 12 Sep 1838 Died age 53.
Mary Graves 27 May 1867 Wife of Thomas Graves. Died are 78.
5 Alice Neale 23 May 1891 Wife of John Neale of Sibthorpe, Nottinghamshire. Born 19 Dec 18 56. Died aged 34.
6 Thomas Beaumont 29 Mar 1861 Died age 80.
Sarah 22 Dec 18*2 Wife of Thomas Beaumont. Died Epworth aged 85.
7 Thomas Neale 23 Mar 1879 Of Scrooby House. Died aged 58.
Mary 27 Jan 1896 Wife of Thomas Neale. Died at Scrooby House. Died aged 71.
8 William Parkinson Neale 10 Jan 1887 Of Kirmington Vale. Died at Scrooby House. Died age 38.
9 George Shillito 15 Mar 1842 Of Scrooby Inn. Died age 76.
NoteThere are various Shillito housholds on the 1901 Scrooby census return.
Thomas Shillito 26 Oct 1842 Died age 44
George Cuckson 28 May 1834 Died age 16.
Mary Cuckson 13 May 1852 Mother of Geaorge Cuckson. Died age 57.
Mary Ann Walker Daughter of Mary Cuckson. Died 1 Oct 1860. Died age 40.