1674 Hearth Tax Returns for Scrooby

Graham Robbins

The 1674 Hearth Tax Returns show that Scrooby had 28 chargeable households. Houses had between one and nine hearths, with two to three hearths most common. The distribution of house size is:

No of
No of
% of
Total Houses

Francis Sandys (who was a close relation of Edward Sandys Archbishop of York) occupied the manor house, with its nine hearths.

It is interesting to compare the figures for Scrooby with those for neighbouring villages. To Scrooby's 28 households, Ranskill had 25, Torworth had 25, and Barnby Moor had 19.

Whether Scrooby was a bigger, or a better-off settlement then the other villages depends on whether non-chargeable (poorer, smaller) households were excluded from the returns for these villages. Non-chargeable households were included on the returns for other neighbouring villages, such as Sutton, and Mattersey, but Scrooby, Ranskill, Torworth and Barnby Moor returned 100% chargeable households. The earlier Hearth Tax Return for 1664 had shown Scrooby with 34 chargeable households, and 26 non-chargeable households. It is highly likely, therefore, that the later 1674 returns only included chargeable households for Scrooby, and probably Ranskill, Torworth and Barnby Moor. In which case, we can say Scrooby had more bigger houses then Ranskill, Torworth and Barnby Moor; but we cannot compare total number of households, as the Return tells us nothing of the smaller houses.

Chargeable Housholds

Francis Sandys, Esq. 9
George Campsell 3
William Robinson 1
Charles Bennett 3
Robert Nicholson 1
John Hutchinson 1
John White 1
Robert Drewry 3
Mr. Henry Miers 5
Richard Patchfeild 3
Robert Bellamy 2
William Hides 3
Thomas Flower 2
Thomas Holmes 4
Mr. Turner 7
Robert White 2
John Emley 3
William Ilton 5
Thomas Drewry 2
Charles Bennett 2
John Short 2
Mr. Hartshorne (empty unpd 1/2 yeare) 2
For another (empty unpd 1/2 yeare) 2
William Stevenson 1
Robert Bellamy 3
John Tayes 4
Mr. Campsell 3
Robert Hutchinson 1

Viewed by Thomas Trewman

Further Reading

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