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Jan 2020

A Very Happy New Year to all Scrooby Parishioners from the SNAP Team.

You will have or shortly will receive an invitation to 2 consultation sessions to review and comment upon the Draft Scrooby Neighbourhood Plan which seems to have been so long in coming. We look forward to meeting you all once again.

And don't forget there will be some refreshments (Cheese and Wine or Tea/Coffee and Biscuits)

In the meantime the procedure for the consultations is that we will display the 6 Policies and some other pictures, alongside some hard copy documents, and ask you to discuss with us and leave your comments.

But if any of you would like to read the full documents here is the access point to where you can download them from this website. (Please remember though some may be large and take extra time to download, depending upon your internet provider)

So, we hope you have some happy reading, and hope to see you at the consultations full of constructive comments for us.

Best Regards form the SNAP (Scrooby Neighbourhood Action Plan) Steering Group Chair - Tony Smith (0797 483 6978), or

Dec 2019

A SNAP Scrooby Neighbourhood Plan Update

After a seemingly long break during which the SNAP Steering Group have been hard at work the DRAFT SCROOBY NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN has finally been completed, revised, ratified by the SNAP Steering Group and lastly accepted by the Scrooby Parish Council.

It now has to go forward to public body scrutiny and local Scrooby Parish validation before it is sent to the government examiners for testing and checking.

Then it will be put to a Scrooby Parish wide Referendum (possibly in the summer of 2020) to put it into enactment. At that time any Planning Application will have to be cross checked against the Scrooby Neighbourhood Plan.

So, very soon you will be invited to two open consultation events in the Scrooby Village Hall in January and February 2020 and so look out in your letterboxes in the New Year.

Also, we will shortly be placing a number of documents and reports on the website in the New Year for your information and/or comment. Watch This Space!

In closing can I say many thanks to you for your patience, this report has been a long time coming, the SNAP Steering Group members and also our guides and assistants from Bassetlaw District Council Planning department - A heartfelt thank you to you all.

So, May I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous, and 'SNAPy' New Year.

Best Regards Tony Smith - Chair, Scrooby SNAP

Feb 2019

The SNAP Steering Group offers its many thanks to all those who came along on Friday, 22nd February 2019 to hear the outcome of the Call to Sites phase of the SNAP plan. Whilst the consultation did not produce any specific sites we could commit to the way forward was agreed to be policy driven to manage the future development requests, a good way of working.

The Next Steps for you to be involved: The next step is next week (6th March) for the Steering Group to agree on the 1st Draft Plan document, content and wording. Once that is done the 1st Draft SNAP Plan will be released for all parishioners to consult over a 6 week period.

So please remember a lot is being done behind the scenes and you will be invited to join in again very soon.

Call For Sites

At the Call for Sites Consultation event held on 31st October we presented 10 possible sites for possible building in the next years. These were documented in three ways and each site were numbered NP01 to NP10: A Picture of the Site, A Picture of the Constraints to that site, and a Picture of the Comments received from some Public Bodies.

And as usual you, the people of Scrooby, turned out on Halloween and gave us your thoughts, comments and advice. The SNAP Steering Group thank you all for those and your support.

But now using the links below you will be able to see and remind yourself of the Sites, their Constraints, and Public Comments by using these links to open each file.

The next step will be a consultation in the New Year to fully present those findings and your comments and the proposed outcome from the Steering Group. In the meantime please refer any further thoughts and comments to the Chairman, Scrooby SNAP, Tony Smith on

My thanks to you all - Tony Smith

Previously ...

The SNAP Team have been busy over the last year with a number of events and the very successful Parish Survey. That did give the team a lot to think about.

We then obtained 9,000 funding from Locality to assist with reports and events and spent that almost immediately.

The next step is for 2 reports to be written (Aims and Objectives, Characteristics report of Scrooby Parish), so if you see strangers walking about taking photographs that will be why.

Two more events are happening as well during the summer. The art competition to design the front cover of our SNAP plan document and a 'Call for Sites' so we can see where you and the Scrooby landowners are thinking over the next 10 years in allowing land for building. That is a huge step in the production of the Plan.

For more details see SNAP Call to Sites and The STAR entry May 2018.pdf

And finally my many thanks for their hard work goes to Jackie / Nicola our members, Luke / Will / Natalie / Karen our support from Bassetlaw and the Parish Council for their facilities and encouragement.

Tony Smith, Chair SNAP

A wonderful turnout at the Consultation Meeting last Friday, 12th May led to a significant amount of views and thoughts from those most affected - YOU. Very many thanks for a great afternoon.

For more details of the event, see SNAP Consultation Event 120517 feedback.pdf.

Next Steps

Now we will start the formal process with Bassetlaw District Council to accept the boundaries of the Plan and allow the hard work to start.

Then we can apply for the funding to enable a quality SNAP to be developed.

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