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News & Notices

November 2014

A Letter from Barry Bowles - Bassetlaw District Councillor

Barry Bowles

I hope that I find you well?

I wonder whether you and your team would be able to make a couple of additions on the Scrooby website. -- one for me as your District Councillor and one for me on behalf of the Pilgrim Fathers UK Origins Association?

As you know, and the PC have been very helpful already, I have introduced Surgeries to the Ward and will be holding them every 3rd Saturday in the Village Hall. So that this information is exposed to as many residents as possible, do you think that you could publish this notice on your website for me?

SECONDLY, as it is an important milestone in our endeavours to establish a Pilgrim Fathers Heritage Centre in Scrooby before 2020, may I ask, on behalf of the Association, if you could publish this Press Release on the Scrooby website? Many people in the village know of our desire and often ask what progress we are making, especially with regard to the barn at the pub.

As it says, more information can be found at

If you could manage to do this for me it would be very much appreciated.

I look forward to your response in due course.



Barry Bowles
Bassetlaw District Council Queens Buildings, Potter Street, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, S80 2AH
T: 01909 732121

September 2014

Scrooby from the Air

David Thomson

Here's a wonderful view of Scrooby taken by David Thomson of Ranskill using his Go-Pro camera and quadcopter.

June 2014

Hester Benjamin: Adventures of a Pilgrim Daughter

Jennie Robbins

Scrooby's own Jennie Robbins has published a book for children; a story of friendship, love and adventure, set in Scrooby, England, at the time of the Pilgrim Fathers. A work of fiction for young teenagers based on historical events in the year 1607.

Hester and Mercy are as close as sisters; nothing can come between them. But events are about to shake their peaceful village life to its roots and change things forever. How will their friendship survive when they are forced apart by their families and their faith?

You can buy the e-book for Kindle on Amazon.

June 2014

Ranskill Nursery

Steven Owens

Looking for a Nursery for your child - Ranskill Nursery is Rated Good by Ofsted.

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